Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sorry to have been offline for so long but during these past months I've been blessed in many, many ways unimaginable. I have recently met and now working with a very inspirational woman who reminds me so much of my grandmother and godmother. She is out spoken, determined, motherly and big hearted all at the same time.

With her help and guidance I have been working on creating my own bridal fashion show and expo here in Detroit, MI. My expo is unlike any other.... I'm bring education and style. No long will the brides-to-be just enter a room full of wedding vendors but they will now leave my expo with an understanding of what they seek and need.

At this current time I am seeking bridal fashion designers...who already have a store front or clientele, preferably in Michigan (close to Detroit). But if not, their gowns must be accessible to Detroit Brides. Anyone out there who may have any connections please forward their information to

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family Feud NO MORE!

Thank you to those who personally called me to give me their honest opinions on a tough issue I recently faced.

Well, I have the updates for those who wanted to know the outcome.

Both families have come together and put the past behind!

The grandparents, parents and elder family members actually had a sit down meeting with each other to forgive and forget the past. They STRESSED that the grudge that both families have held towards each other for years was useless and unless the past was forgotten there was no room for prosperity.

"I am so amazed at the strength my bridal couple have and the love they share. I'm also very proud and immersed with much respect for the elders (leaders) of the both families at moving on and healing old wounds. Words truly can not express the the happiness and relief I fell for my bridal couple. Yes, they are getting married in an intimate ceremony for their immediate family, of course not everyone approves but they too will just have to move on with life."

(to answer one's question...yes, my couple know about this blog entry, they too wanted advice from others as well as myself)


Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Feud

All planners have had their share of family's almost unavoidable at times. It may be the mothers who disapprove of their child's choice or maybe it's the argument of tradition but some how there is usually something.

BUT how do you deal with a real life Romeo & Juliette story? I have a very much in love couple who have been living together for 2 yrs (secretly, in another state) but now have to move back home because of job placement. Their family feud began 10 ten years ago when a cousin of the soon-to-be groom was dating a cousin of the soon-to-be bride which ended in murder/suicide.

Yeah, my reaction exactly. Both families blame each other and even sued each other for wrongful death. Now the couple are faced telling their families the truth about their engagement and living arrangements.

I have never dealt with such a BIG family problem like this before...I normally would NOT share my clients issues but I'm at true lost. So I'm asking my well seasoned planners out there for help. How would you handle this issue or would you even be bothered with it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History Made In Politics and Fashion?

Well, I'm sure we were all glued to our tv's Tuesday to view the first Black President of the United States being sworn into office. With this new face of leadership I believe we are going to see a new way of fashion.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, has brought "Sexy Back" (sorry Timberland). When I say sexy - I'm talking color...what is more appealing to the eye than color?

She has shown her style with out huge names written across her chest. Compared to other first ladies she has a casual but sophicated flair and she accessorizes to match.

To me her style says "I'm young, strong, bold, full of life, sophicated and confident".

How will this impact the wedding industry...I believe color will be the new black this year!

I can see brides in free flowing gowns (like Michelle's Inaugural Gown) and the bridesmaids in bold solid colors like Second Lady Jill Biden. Colors like Fuchsia, Deep Peaches, Bright Yellows, Ocean Blues, Money Greens, Precising Reds and Royal Purples.....what do you think?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

DIY - Out Of Town Gift Baskets or Bags

Just booking rooms at a nice hotel is not enough to give to your out of town guests. Brides tend to over look giving their guests a personalized welcome because they're focused on wedding day details.

Guest welcome baskets or bags are the second opinion your out of town guest will receive about your wedding. The first impression...your invitation.

Nothing says, "Welcome and Thank You for coming all this way", than a personalized gift awaiting them in their rooms.

Here are some ideas to add to your welcome bags or baskets:

1. Print out a small bio of the bride and groom, include your love story and a little bit of detail about your wedding. Some of your out of town guests may not know who you are marrying and this is a great way to get them acquainted or reacquainted with the both of you.

2. Print out some of the city's events that they can enjoy on their own. Be sure to include a map of the city in the bags or baskets.

3. Insert $10 - $20 gift cards to Target or Walmart for those little toiletries they may have forgotten at home OR include travel size lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, deodorants or aspirins in your gifts.

4. Pack some late night snacks and drinks they can enjoy in their rooms. Fresh fruit, cheese and crackers are also nice. They will enjoy the comfort of not having to search for a vending machine.

5. Be sure to include an invitation to the wedding rehearsal dinner and directions. This is also a great way to introduce your love one to your distant family and friends.

6. What ever the theme is for your wedding include it into your bags or baskets. This will make your wedding look well planned and coordinated. Make it as simple or dramatic as you wish.

Friday, January 9, 2009

FYI - For Your Information and Wallet

I was shocked to find out that a fellow planner was sued for not providing a certain color / shade of flower in floral decorations she made for a past wedding. Even though that sounded CRAZY, a judge granted the bride a refund of $900. The color missing - Baby Pink. (Actual Photo of Tall centerpiece)

To top that off the bride was a winner of a local bridal expo giving her $3000.00 towards her floral decor. To which the bride only paid $1200.00 out of pocket for her entire wedding florals!

I asked my fellow planner what she had learned from this experience and she advised me this:


(cover your ass)

1) Always give a sample of the actual flowers, material, candy, paper etc.. that is being offered or will be used for that event

2) If a sample is not provided, take a picture and write down exactly what will be used & amount if known.

3) Have the client signature that he or she agreed to what is being provided

4) Be sure to read or include a clause stating a deadline for complaints and a non-refundable amount or percentage that will be towards labor.

5) For planners who are referring vendors, have the client sign a separate contract with that vendor, even if you will be the person disbursing payments.


A) Ask for samples and take your own photos for what is being offered.

B) If you have a certain style or color in mind, bring a sample to give to the provider.

C) Always get it in writing as well

D) Please remember the time of year, location and time spans your decorator, florist or supplier is working with and if you what a certain off season flower you may not get the perfect shade you want or it will be at a higher cost.

E) Always FINALIZE your details with all your vendors 2-4 weeks before you wedding in case there is a problem so that your vendor may have time to make changes.

F) Do take into consideration that your providers are working hard to provide you with a stress free day therefore enjoy your wedding! (Don't be a micro manager)